During fine arts classes, children not only draw, but also discover the history of art and painting, work in various media and, most importantly, learn to easily differentiate between the works of various artists, ranging from Manet to Monet and from Picasso to Pissarro. While for some children terms like Impressionism, Cubism and Post-impressionism can be “terribly frightening”, for your child they will become clearly comprehensible. All fine arts classes take place to the accompaniment of classical music.



In our specially equipped classroom, which is intended for teaching using the Montessori Method, the appropriate atmosphere is generated so that children not only carry out all tasks independently, but even notice and correct their errors themselves. The teacher’s role in this process is merely to stimulate the interest of the child and to give him/her complete freedom of action. The teacher observes and, if necessary, helps. In the Montessori Method, emphasis is placed on collective exercises, which both help the child to integrate into society and to master communication skills.



Children start learning English in the “Petite Section”.

This is done through games and other activities, the teachers being native English speakers. The kindergarten has a classroom specially equipped for teaching English.



During Russian classes, a great emphasis is placed not only on learning to read and write according to the Zaitsev method, but also on discovering culture and art with reference to notable examples of Russian painting and literature.



Learning Latvian is of primary importance at Exupéry International School, because Latvian is the State language of this wonderful country called Latvia. Local teachers with a good knowledge of your child’s language help master the Latvian language and literature.



Sports and fitness classes take place under the tutelage of a professional teacher in a specially equipped gym and have a favourable impact on the child’s overall development: they improve your child’s memory, attention and artistic abilities so they find it easier to understand things in the other classes.



Dance offers the child a means to express his or her emotions and demonstrate how he or she sees the world. Dancing helps to develop talents, it is the beginning of an artistic path and a foundation for a positive disposition.

The programme has been devised taking into account children’s age and physiological peculiarities.

Ballet classes are extremely rewarding physically and emotionally. The main thing is to work hard and not be lazy. This will result in great accomplishments and the enjoyment that comes from basking in the applause of the audience!


An individual approach to teaching


The best education practices in the world


A safe, stimulating and multi-cultural surrounding environment


Teachers teach subjects in their native language


The latest technology, infrastructure and equipment


Children are provided with complex teaching


In an open, friendly and supportive environment, children learn to trust, find their vocation and become interested and responsible members of the international community

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