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Chess Triumph: Vladislavs Shines in Junior Category Tournament!

great success on the junior championship
Congratulations to Vladislavs, a Grade 3 student at Exupery International School, who got into the U10 group of the Junior Category Champions during the Chess Tournament hosted by Deutsche Schule Riga! This exciting event brought together 37 participants from six international schools in Latvia and was undoubtedly challenging, as all the students showcased some serious chess-playing skills.

There are numerous reasons to start playing chess, especially at a young age, and here’s why: one of the most important things about chess is its ability to cultivate critical thinking. It fosters patience, concentration, and decision-making, requiring players to strategise, plan ahead, analyse consequences, and adapt to changing situations — all these skills are highly valuable in all aspects of life beyond the chessboard.

We can see how these skills have benefited our student Vladislavs, and we encourage everyone to try chess! Thank you to Vladislavs’s teachers, chess coach, and Deutsche Schule Riga for organising the tournament. A special shout-out to JD Chess Club for promoting the beautiful chess game. It was a memorable event, and we eagerly anticipate participating in the next one!