Why EIS?

Welcome to Exupery International School (EIS). We are delighted you are interested in our school and look forward to guiding you through the admission process.

Reasons to choose us:


We are an authorized part of the IB World School Community


We are the only school in Latvia which offers the IB DP Programme and A Levels for our High School students, through both Day and Boarding departments

Learning Approach

We provide an individual learning approach for all our students ages 2,5 to 18

Educational environment

Our experienced and caring teachers create a challenging and supportive educational environment


We are a community of internationally minded professionals


We integrate technology through our teaching practice and introduce innovative technology in an aim to provide students with the most current resources available to enhance learning, as well as prepare them for life beyond school

How To Apply

Follow the simple steps below.

EIS may enroll a child at any grade level throughout the academic year depending on availability within Groups and Grades.

The admissions process
at a glance
    • An official copy of the applicant’s report card from the last academic term or year - for entering Grade P3-M4;
    • Official copies of the applicant’s report card from the last two academic years - for entering Grades M5–S1;
    • M5-S1 applicants are also required to complete a High School questionnaire.

    Upon completing the application form you will receive a notification via e-mail.

    Feel free to get in touch with us over the contact number + 371 266 22 777 or e-mail admissions@exupery.lv.

    STEP 2 Review of application

      2.1. The Admissions Team reviews every enquiry carefully and, if the applicant meets the admissions requirements and space is available, we will direct the applicant to the next age – appropriate assessment.

      In certain cases, the admissions team may request additional information and/or documents to support the application of the student.

    STEP 3 Interviews and assessment

      3.1. For applicants applying to Preschool (K1 - P1)

      A “trial day” will be scheduled parallel to or near a campus tour. Following this a family meeting will be arranged with the Head of Preschool. These meetings will determine if any other assessment is required. The aim of a “trial day” is to determine the social and emotional readiness of the applicant in relation to their age group in the Preschool.

      3.2. For applicants to School (P2 – S1)

    • A placement diagnostic test to determine if the student has achieved an adequate level of maturity and readiness to enter School (for applicants to P2 & P3 only);
    • An online English placement test and a writing assessment;
    • An interview between the applicant and the school psychologist;
    • An interview between applicant’s family and the school psychologist;
    • An interview with the head of High School (for applicants to M5 & S1 only).
    • Applicants, applying to High School, may under certain circumstances be required to pass an additional interview with the Head of Teaching and Learning or IB Coordinator.

    Feel free to get in touch with us over the contact number + 371 266 22 777 or e-mail admissions@exupery.lv.

    Expected level of English at the date of entry

    Primary, Middle and Senior School

    • Students admitted to the primary, middle and senior school should be able to engage with an inquiry-based curriculum conducted in English. The expected level of English is indicated in the table below.
    STEP 4 Admissions results

      4.1. You will be notified of the School Director’s decision about enrollment via e-mail within 5 working days after completing the tests and interview process.

    Step 5 Documents

      5.1. In order to confirm your intention to enroll at Exupery International School
      you will need to:

    • Provide a hard copy of the completed and signed Application for Enrollment;
    • Read and accept Terms and Conditions of EIS / Terms and Conditions for Boarding (for Boarding Applicants);
    • Read and sign the Payment Schedule;
    • Read and Sign the Family Handbook/ Boarding Handbook.

    At this stage, invoices from the Financial Department will be sent to your email. Once the invoices have been paid, the applicant will be considered enrolled.

      5.2. Additional documents to be submitted before your child joins the classroom:

    For preschool (K1-P1)
    1. Official medical statements (Form 026/U);
    2. An official medical statement about vaccination or an alternative note from a general practitioner;
    For school (P2-M5)
    1. Official medical statements (Form 026/U);
    2. An official medical statement about vaccination or an alternative note from a general practitioner;
    3. Student’s personal file - Reports (for P3 – S1 only) from the previous school for international families.

    All applicants will need to present a valid passports or ID card for themselves and also the legal representatives mentioned in the Application for Enrolment form. We also require the applicant’s birth certificate.

    Feel free to get in touch with us over the contact number + 371 266 22 777 or e-mail admissions@exupery.lv.

    Step 6 Start your EIS journey

      6.1. Get ready for School!

    Full Admissions Policy can be found here.

    Feel free to get in touch with us over the contact number + 371 266 22 777 or e-mail admissions@exupery.lv.


    EIS School Fees

    2022 - 2023

    Preschool and School fees and payment schedule

    2021 - 2022

    Boarding fees and payment schedule

    2021 - 2022

    Exupery International High School
    Scholarships competition

    We are proud to announce that Exupery International School offers scholarships for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. This programme is recognised by the world’s leading universities. Our aim is to provide financial support and guidance to High School students who are academically driven, share our values, and would like to study at Exupery in the 2022/2023 academic year.

    Scholarships are open to applicants who have completed grades 9 or 10 of their current school. The scholarships are available to both boarding and day students.

    Requirements for applicants:

  • The applicant has been at a public school student for the last two years at least;
  • English level of B2 or higher;
  • Their transcript demonstrates a strong academic background;
  • Achievements in academic (Regional or National Olympiads) and extracurricular activities - certificates provided.
  • How to apply:

  • Submit the Enquiry form: https://exupery.lv/enquiry;
  • Provide the following documents to the admissions team (admissions@exupery.lv):
    1. Academic transcript from your current school for the last two years;
    2. Certificates of achievements for the last two years;
    3. A completed EIS High School application form.

  • Complete English and Academic Assessment tests, and participate in interviews with the Scholarship Committee.
  • Application deadline: April 6, 2022.

    The Scholarship Committee will review all the applications and provide results by the end of April 2022.

    The amount of each scholarship may vary and cover up to 90% of the EIS yearly fees for day or boarding school during the 2022/2023 Academic Year. The scholarship may fund the majority of tuition or boarding fees. However, fees such as food costs, boarding fee deposit, and any other fees (exam fees, travel, etc) will not be covered by EIS.

    If any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the EIS Admissions Team:
    + 371 266 22 777 or e-mail admissions@exupery.lv.

    Special Offer for
    Mid-term Enrolment

    During these challenging and uncertain times, we would like to offer our help to school students who have recently relocated to Latvia. As an international school, we believe that it is crucial to support each other in these difficult times. For those students affected by the current situation, we are ready to offer a special mid-term admission now and ongoing admission for the 2022/23 Academic Year:

    1. EIS has increased the number of scholarships for students entering grades 10 and 11 in the 22/23 Academic Year. To take part in the selection process please read more about the requirements here: https://exupery.lv/admission#scholarships;
    2. The EIS Boarding House program will now be offered at the same cost as the day program, for students from Ukrainian schools (age 14-17) joining EIS. This offer is valid for students who are ready to start EIS school now or from the beginning of the 22/23 (25/08/22) Academic Year. Information about school fees can be found here:https://exupery.lv/admission#financial;
    3. EIS offers enrolment to our school without Capital and Enrolment Fee payments, for all students (age 2.5 – 17) who were affected by the situation, who have recently moved to Latvia, and who are ready to join EIS before the end of the Academic Year 21/22 (now - June 2022), after completing the admissions process. For current school fees, please visit: https://exupery.lv/admission#financial.

    All students applying for support are invited to take part in the EIS admission process. To start the admissions process, please complete the online application form here: https://exupery.lv/enquiry.

    More detailed information can be found here: admissions@exupery.lv.

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