Exupéry International School offers students aged 7 to 16 the Latvian national curriculum, as set by the Latvian Ministry of Education, combined with the very best practices offered by various European and global educational systems. The creative approach of our experienced teachers makes routine education fun and exciting for the kids.


Our school aims to foster a positive atmosphere from the moments the doors open.


Once our students enter our contemporary learning space, they exchange greetings with their class teachers and support staff members, creating a friendly environment from the day’s onset. Next the students head to breakfast, and as with all of the other catered dining sessions, it’s done in the company of designated class teachers. Our teachers promote English immersion and constructive bonds with the students by consistently conversing with them, learning about their particular strengths and personalities, and encouraging them whenever possible. This type of personal contact is what separates Exupéry’s staff-student relations from other schools, inspiring students to develop social skills as well as feel motivated in the company of those with whom they feel comfortable.


Similarly, the students spend their breaks between lessons with their teachers, but the time is never spent in the actual classrooms. Lessons are ended with a piece of classical music, gradually rising in volume, to signal the transition between learning and relaxation. Students are encouraged to be active, converse, and play at their own pace in the corridors, which are filled with leisure zones and whimsical play areas. Students also enjoy designated library time, which surrounds them with culturally diverse literature at a range of reading levels.


Students learn traditional subjects (such as mathematics, science, social studies, and so forth) as well as a variety of languages (including English, Latvian, Russian and French) to provide a balanced and comprehensive education for a modern world. Our instructors are professional, fully certified in their fields, and committed to providing a world-class curriculum for the students. The general course of studies emphasises understanding in a variety of interconnected disciplines, while also prioritising the artistic, emotional, and social aspects of a student’s growth.

Students can choose from a range of activities and clubs once the day’s main lessons conclude, allowing them to specialise in their own knowledge and hone the skills that they consider most valuable. Daily outdoor walks are also woven into the schedule, allowing the children to breathe fresh air and remain active throughout the day. At Exupéry International School, growth is not something measured by exam marks — it’s our daily goal.


Exupéry International School is about making study fun while maintaining the highest international educational standards.


The school has special classrooms where children can study several subject simultaneously.


We aim to establish friendly relations between pupils and teachers. Small groups make it possible to establish ties, develop a sense of belonging to a very special group. This friendly atmosphere motivates children to learn, be creative and feel confident about what they can do.


Very importantly, your children will not come home with a heavy bag and loads of homework, which means you will be able to enjoy your favorite family activities together.

Our creative approach and experienced teachers offer children a truly captivating daily learning experience. Exupéry International School offers captivating teaching and education at the highest international level.

The latest technologies have been used in the construction of the spacious new Exupéry International School premises. Besides, principles whose effectiveness has already been tried and tested in leading European schools have been used in the arrangement of classrooms and the use of equipment.

Our main task is to create a place for children, where they are happy to spend time and want to develop and improve.


At Exupéry, children have access to 12 basic classrooms, broad halls, five language learning spaces, two computer rooms, sports and assembly halls for young champions and artists, as well as a music classroom. In addition, art studios await future painters and sculptors, while budding chemists, physicists and biologists will work in laboratories fitted with special equipment. The school kitchen and canteen design has been devised in partnership with the chef of the “36.line” restaurant Lauris Aleksejevs, while the diverse menu has been created, taking into account children’s needs and tastes.


On the sports and playing fields adjoining the school, you will be greeted by the noise and vitality of joyful, excited and laughing voices!

We pay special attention to establishing relations of trust between children and teachers. The small size of the school community means that children quickly establish contact with their classmates, nurturing a collective sense of belonging, as well as a friendly and special atmosphere in class. This atmosphere motivates children to be creative, to learn and feel confident.


An individual approach to teaching


The best education practices in the world


A safe, stimulating and multi-cultural surrounding environment


Teachers teach subjects in their native language


The latest technology, infrastructure and equipment


Children are provided with complex teaching


In an open, friendly and supportive environment, children learn to trust, find their vocation and become interested and responsible members of the international community

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