School News

World class at the very first shot!

We are thrilled to announce an unprecedented success at Exupery International School, where our very first graduating class has surpassed the world average in the IB DP exam session.

Notably, an impressive 44% of our diploma recipients earned a bilingual diploma — that's around one and a half times the global average. By offering and encouraging bilingual education, we give our students an advantage of language proficiency, cross-cultural understanding and empathy.

Moreover, the bilingual diploma opens doors to myriad opportunities in higher education. It is a prestigious qualification that is highly valued by universities and employers worldwide.

And that's not all the great news: one of our students also attained a perfect IB score, marking a historical milestone for Exupery International School. Achieving a perfect score in the IB DP is no small feat, as it is typically accomplished by approximately 1% of students worldwide. Even schools with years of IB DP experience find it challenging to reach such a pinnacle.

However, this year, our exceptional senior was one of the remarkable 179 students out of the 180,000 exam takers across the globe who achieved this, placing her in the distinguished top 0.1%.

We sincerely congratulate and are proud of all our students and of course the teachers who contributed to these excellent results.


Our students have been accepted to many of the leading universities in the UK, Europe, and the USA, including a full scholarship acceptance in the Top 1 Ranked Liberal Arts College in the United States. It is exciting to see not only a wide range of destinations, but a variety of specializations – from engineering, science, medicine and politics to filmmaking, fashion and visual arts.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the future of Exupery International School and remain committed to providing an enriching and inspiring educational experience for all our students, fostering a diverse range of talents and nurturing individuals who contribute positively to the world.