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Exupery International School is now rated one of Latvia’s leading schools

Exupery International School is now rated one of Latvia’s leading schools. The ratings are set by the Ata Kronvalda Foundation, an independent organization devoted to celebrating excellence in education. Exupery is now 11th on their highly competitive list, a wonderful achievement. We offer our warmest congratulations to students, teachers and parents alike. This is your success – and we wouldn't have achieved it without your support!

The ratings take into account each school’s academic programs and ethos. Thanks to the IB Diploma Programme, Exupery students have the perfect framework to study subjects they enjoy – and the freedom to ask questions, make the occasional mistake, think critically and assess their own progress.

The ratings also take into account students’ success in state and international olympiads. We often share stories of EIS students’ triumphs in olympiads and how we are proud of them. Yet sometimes it is a challenge for us as adults to understand what they’re feeling in those tense and competitive moments. At Exupery we take care not to pressurize students to participate in olympiads unless they really want to. We will always support their interests and respect their final decisions.
All in all we are delighted to celebrate our position in the national ratings – it is as much a First Prize for all of us as it is for our brilliant olympiad contenders!