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Join us on June 28 for a discussion led by Arturs Pilkevics and Rhonda Fisher

What if there are only 2-3 years left in school, but the child is still uncertain about their field of interest?
During high school, it's important for students to not only prepare for university but also discover what they are passionate about. So it's vital for students to engage in what genuinely excites them, obtain the first results, savour success and make up their minds about where to apply. That is — to owe the decision based on true interests, rather than grades or parents’ experience.

How can the school help students explore their interests and choose the right path for their future?
To address all pending questions, our Head of School, Arturs Pilkevics, along with university counselor Dr. Fisher, will be holding a discussion "How to help your children discover their calling and path to a successful future" on June 28 at 5 PM at Exupery. The event will be held in English. On-site Latvian and Russian translations will be available too.
More about the event: https://exupery.lv/discussion