School News

Happy New Academic Year!

The beginning of the school year is always a very uncertain time for students, teachers and parents. It is a reunion after nearly three months apart, so no one knows how much students might have changed and grown over the summer.

There are also new students, whom we will see for the first time. Today, a fresh 10-month journey begins – and it’s sure to be full of fun, challenging moments and inspiring triumphs. On the one hand, we celebrate starting a new school year, and on the other, we face the prospect of continuing our very long journey. Sometimes we ask ourselves whether we’re doing everything right. The answer is in the children’s faces as they walk into school. Smiles and laughter are the clearest and simplest reflections of how well we are doing at Exupery.

This time we won’t write about learning, because we hardly ever stop doing that. We’d rather just say have a wonderful and happy new academic year – and enjoy all the fresh and exciting challenges that lie ahead!