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Charity Bake Sale

We are glad to support a culture of charity and kindness in the EIS school community. We take great care to nurture this and love to see it take root among our students.

EIS High School student Vitalina created a CAS project in IBDP that focuses on a healthy lifestyle. Vitalina has always been keen on baking, and not just that. She specializes in baking certain desserts with low fats and sugar as a way to promote a healthy way of enjoying cakes. You can watch her latest recipes on the Youtube channel "I am Vitalina".

This week, Vitalina is organizing a charity event at Exupery International School to support children with eating disorders. The event's aim is to raise awareness of children who need balanced diets because of health issues. Vitalina decided to collaborate with the Children's Clinical University Hospital (Bērnu klīniskā universitātes slimnīca) in Riga and give the money she makes from the bake sale to their charity.
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