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Latvian Studies Competition

Exupery International School takes pleasure in announcing the Latvian Studies Competition. This initiative was established by the National Centre of Education of the Republic of Latvia, the Latvian Language Agency and the European Movement - Latvia.

School and university students are invited to participate in the Latvian Studies Competition. Latvian Studies is a subject designed for international schools and includes aspects of Latvian language, history, culture, nature and geography. Its aim is to promote the acquisition of Latvian language and culture by non-Latvians and those whose mother tongue is not Latvian.

Students are eligible to enter the competition if they fall into any or all of the following categories:

* Students in Latvian international schools;

* Students in Latvian diaspora schools abroad, e.g. in Australia, the USA, Germany, Sweden and elsewhere;

* Foreign students studying Latvian language and Latvian culture.

Before filling in the application form, please read the description of the Competition and the Regulations (In Latvian)!