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Visual Arts Exhibition Project at the Greenhouse, Zuzeum Art Center

School Life
Last Thursday 12th grade High-level Art Students displayed their Visual Arts exhibition project at the Greenhouse of Zuzeum Art Center. The collective included Alina, Elizaveta Isabella and Sofia. Although each of the students have their own theme and medium, the works blended into a solid exhibition project, required as a part of their IB DP assessment process.

Alina’s works progress though different perspectives and interpretations of the concept of imprinting – the theme embracing all her works from sculpture to graphics.

Elizaveta’s art gives the viewer the freedom of wondering and exploration, which plays a paramount role in finding personal inner light and understanding its source and comes as a recipe for unleashing one’s power and authenticity.

Isabella studies her identity of a third culture kid, having never lived in the countries of her nationalities, through her works. Oil painting, fashion, photography and video art give voice to nostalgia, sadness, anger and happiness she encountered on the journey through the cultures and countries that had formed her identity.

Sofia’s art focuses on the human being and relationships with others, nature and emotions.

It was a beautiful spring night full of art, flowers, friendships and love for art in all its forms. We extend our gratitute to Zuzeum Art Center for providing the students with such an outstanding opportunity to display their work and the Center's team for support and help.