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EIS student council election

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Grown-ups tend to create their own idea of a fulfilling school life – and students follow that path while trying to express their own individuality at every stage. However, sometimes they inevitably feel a little boxed in by grown-up expectations of what works best. Therefore it is crucial for students to have the opportunity to develop their own vision and ideas regarding school life, for the simple reason that school is a space created for children, not adults.

Clearly, students have more promising opportunities to create captivating projects when working in a team. Our Student Council encourages this in every possible way. At Student Council, students express and develop various ideas and concepts, including what is missing in their opinion at school and what needs improvement. The discussions don't just relate to thematic and cultural events and festivals, volunteer programs, and the improvement of the school day. They are also a valuable forum for developing new event ideas and collaboration formats within school life.

By participating in such events students learn to work as a team, make decisions, and solve issues together. Recently there was active preparation for elections to the Student Council. Students from each class presented their plans for the coming school year, and each class voted for its preferred candidates. Very soon the results will be announced, so we will know the Student Council team for this year!