School News

EIS students did tremendously well in two chess tournaments

We are extremely proud to announce that some of our students did tremendously well in two chess tournaments!

The first tournament for beginners had 38 participants, and to get to the 4th round students had to get 5 points out of 8. Ilya from Grade 11 took 1st place with a 100% result, while Karls from Grade 8 took 4th place, scoring 5.5 points out of 8. Our warmest congratulations to Ilya and Karls!

In the second tournament, students from Primary and Middle School took part. After 7 rounds, Grisha from Grade 4 took first place, while Danila from Grade 7 was third and Dara from Grade 6 took second place among the girls.

Congratulations to everyone, and special thanks to our chess teacher, Nikolai Kovshun.