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Exupery International School Student Excels in Regional Politics and Law Olympiad

exupery international school student excels in politics and law olympiad
Congratulations to Ieva B, a Grade 11 student at Exupery International, for securing second place in the regional Politics and Law Olympiad!

For students eyeing careers in law or politics, events like this give a great sneak peek into the challenges of their chosen track. They help students better understand political systems, legal frameworks, and related topics in a way that goes beyond the curriculum. They teach how to solve complex problems, analyse case studies, and interpret difficult legal texts. All this boosts critical thinking and sharpens analytical skills.

It's an excellent warm-up for future academic pursuits, which we wholeheartedly support at Exupery International School.

We applaud Ieva for her dedication and thank IB Global Politics Teacher Thom Polizos and Learning Support Program Coordinator Brenna Weston Bell, for their guidance. Best of luck to Ieva in any endeavours!