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November 4, 2023 │ Carl Honoré at ExuperyTalks: “To thrive in a fast world, you have to slow down”

carl honoré at exupery talks
November 4 @4 pm │ A talk by Carl Honoré – the voice of the Slow movement

Carl is a author of four books – In Praise of Slow, Under Pressure, Slow Fix and Bolder – exploring different acpests of taking life slow, dangers of inventing quick fixes to complex problems, as well as ageing. Carl has given two main-stage TED Talks which have together racked up million of views, he is a coach and TV presenter. Being a real humble human, though, he was slapped with speeding ticket, while researching for In Praise of Slow.
Carl's message is simple, counterintuitive and game-changing: to thrive in a fast world, you have to slow down. It works equally good for business, life, parenting and every other mission from every walk of life.

During his talk at EIS he will put the audience on a quest of finding their inner tortoise and prove slowing down can boost health and bring more depth, pleasure and meaning to life. It can also enhance creativity and productivity at work or while learning. As the American actress, singer, comedian, screenwriter, and playwright, whose career spanned over seven decades (!), Mae West once said: "Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly." And last but not least, children pick up good and bad habits alike, so most likely they will live up to speed set at parents’ home.

The language of the event is English with simultaneous translation into Latvian and Russian.

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