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The Launch of Exupery Talks: A New Lecture Series on Parenthood and Pedagogy

Parenting presents an endless array of questions. Are we ready for it? What does it take? Am I making the right choices? What does parenthood rely on? And where do these concepts come from?

We at Exupery International School dedicate a lot of time and attention to finding answers to these as well as many other questions. Now we decided to make the debate public.

Therefore we launch ExuperyTalks, where we give a live stage to acclaimed speakers who will share knowledge, discuss best practices and try to look at the issues from a different angle.

We are pleased to open our doors to everyone interested in pedagogy, upbringing, science, culture and other aspects of parenting. Regardless of which school your kids go to. At the end of the day we ask the same questions.
The first of ExuperyTalks on May 20, 2023 will feature Dima Zicer, educator, author of books on pedagogy, host of the «Love Not Discipline» project, director of the Institute of Informal Education and «Apelsin» school.
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Coming soon are:

· Rhonda Fisher - University counseling aimed at top-world universities
· Arthur Benjamin - Smallwood Family Professor of Mathematics and true mathemagician
· Carl Honoré - TED Speaker and a voice of Slow Movement