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Toys can be the most common way of getting children engaged in learning. They will play with a car, a doll, building blocks and toy animals, constantly learning more about the world around them. However, in Montessori classes, there are no actual toys so the learning journey is given a whole new dimension, going way beyond traditional concepts. Preschool's goal is to take the best aspects of the Montessori method, captivating a child and encouraging him to create his own images of the world around him.

Montessori classes help children to form their own personal vision of life, both in concrete and abstract terms. In this way, they learn to analyze and experiment with their environment. There is a "sensory zone" in class, where objects differ in shape, weight, and size, helping develop motor skills, tactile senses, concentration and memory. There are also special "sensory boxes", filled with natural materials such as pine cones, sand, different cereals and liquids. Playing with these, a child doesn't only perceive and touch the materials but also learns to analyze their characteristics. In this stimulating process, children are constantly involved in different activities, learning subjects of interest on a deeper level. From these simple beginnings, children go on to flourish in a wide variety of areas, ranging from mathematics and language to all-round sensory perception and a general understanding of the world around them.

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